A Year in Reflection

by Larry Kagan

USA Goju Fist Over a year ago, I reconnected with family. This is when I came back home to Goju. It certainly doesn't feel like it's been over a year but as you'll see in the first blog post of the Budo site , I came home in late June (6/21/08). The time has been flying by.

My Goju family has welcomed me back. The dynamics of the family have changed considerably since I trained 20 years ago. I've gained brothers, cousins, and even children. Some parts of the family have pursued the art by different means than others but all welcome me with open arms, regardless of differences. Most of those that I knew back then, now adorn the black and red obis of Kyoshi. For the one that doesn't, he transcends it in my eyes.

Through events that have lead to humility and pride, strength and pain, anger and contentment, training has enriched my existence. And for that, I am grateful.